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    Removed From Creative

    Post  jaredkat on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:56 pm

    Hello to all.

    I know this is a section to appeal bans, but i wished to appeal another thing, and i find no other section to do so

    I was working in creative mode on a house, the creative was given by Rip, and i was building for about three days until the fallowing happened

    Ploxtheelite trespassed into the house without my permission, so i had therefore killed him to prevent him from griefing the house i had built or taking any diamond blocks i placed.

    After he was killed, he requested for his dropped items back. I did not have them in inventory, so i used the items from creative to give him replacements for what he dad. This included a diamond pic, sward, and some melons, The tools were enchanted. ]

    I gave him the pic and sward, but he refused them because they were not enchanted. I therefore left the area we were exchanging the items to get xp so i could enchant them, at which point i believe plox had someone else be-rid of my creative mode.

    I wish an admin or mod will give me back creative mode so i an first get ploxtheelite's stuff back to him, and second, to finish my construction, even though i know the server will switch host's soon.

    Please tell me if i can have creative back. thanks

    ~Jared Kat

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